InnVasLinX, connects the world, and your needs are fulfilled by us!
  1. InnVasLinX, a joint between Innolux and Vastouch, started from July 2022, perfectly to leverage and to integrate the advantages from 2 companies to provide the timely service with high satisfaction from the diversification of the application in the world.

Continuous improvement and innovation
  1. We uphold quality management as its core value, pursue the highest quality service and professionalism, from the professional lamination and assembly to the display integrated solutions, provide accurate product and industry information,  professional suggestions, solutions, and has precise execution to meet customer customization demand for versatile and high-quality products.


Meet the application needs of diversified fields
  1. To welcome the advent of digitization, InnVasLinX prepares a variety of overall display products, from small to large, from personal to public, from indoor to outdoor, suitable for applications in medical, retail and hospitality, military, transportation, manufacturing, and other environments, while at the same time elevating itself to a total solution provider which satisfies people one-stop shopping service quick and smart.

Professional cooperation team to create

A well-organized senior team provides accurate products and information, professional advice and solutions, as well as precise execution, together with the integration of resources to continue to move towards a higher quality future.