Air Gap Bonding
  1. Air Gap Bonding uses double-sided adhesive to do a fixed bonding process on the 4 perimeters of the touch panel and display devise. Usually there are two ways, one is frame sticking and another is strip sticking. The frame sticking is formed as one piece, and the middle is hollowed out to form a box-shaped glue for fitting. The strip sticking is double-sided adhesive and divided into four pieces according to the length of the fitting shape, and the sticking is continued in four times as a square-shaped.
  2. For the double-sided adhesive, InnVasLinX selects highly reliable materials what quality has been evaluated by ourselves.
  1. Optical bonding (Direct Bonding)
  2. Optical bonding is the process of pasting a transparent protective plate or touch panel on the front of the display device with a transparent resin to improve the visibility of the display. By matching the refractive index of this transparent resin with it of the transparent protective plate or touch panel substrate, the light reflection at the bonded surface is significantly reduced. Since the reflection can be significantly reduced, the reflection of bright light such as sunshine in outdoors can be reduced, and the light from the display device cannot be returned to the inside due to the reflection, which improves the luminance, and the visibility is improved by both improvements. In addition, the optical adhesive between the display device and the front transparent plate eliminates condensation in this gap, and makes it more resistant to pressure from the outside of the front plate. Not only to improve the visibility, but also to realize highly reliable even in harsh environments.
  3. The resin is a transparent optical adhesive sheet (OCA: Optical Clear Adhesive) or a transparent optical resin (OCR: Optical Clear Resin).

  1. InnVasLinX Bonding Service and Advantages:
  2. 1.Support Air Gap Bonding and Direct Bonding.
  3. 2.Clean room with newest bonding equipment and production line, to accurately support Direct Bonding from 7inch to 27inch screen size.
  4. 3.Laminate all kinds of glasses (also Aryl and Polycarbonate.) and touch panels.

    a)Even if the gap between the boards is as wide as 2 mm, or there is a step in the gap, we provide highly reliable optical bonding

    b)When glass (display device) and plastic substrate (acrylic or polycarbonate) are bonded, in high or low temperature, the dimensional differences due to thermal expansion is able absorbed and there is no deformation.

  5. 4.Provide the professional evaluation and suggestion for the best bonding technology applied.
  6. 5.Use high reliable adhesive stickers and optical resin.
  7. 6.Flexible and timely production supply with prompt after-service support.
  8. 7.Experienced engineers with senior operators.
  9. 8.Strict quality control and procedure, with complete barcode system management.
  10. 9.Share and help the partners in constructing the production tools.
  11. 10.Excellent technical support to effect the best finished-product quality at the client’s site.