E-paper Display
  1. E-paper display is a display technology that imitates the visual appearance of printing on paper without replacing the paper. With low power consumption, it can display pictures without a power supply if the contents are not changed , and there is a significant difference in battery endurance when compared to LCD.
  2. The e-paper display is a reflective, bistable display technology that uses materials similar to those used in the printing industry, but incorporates knowledge and technology from the fields of chemistry, physics, and electronic circuitry, relying on ambient light to illuminate images that are visible under direct sunlight, thus creating eye-care and energy-saving benefits.

  • Bi-Stable technology.
  • No power needed during displaying.
  • Low power consumption while screen refresh.
  • Reflective & no backlight display.
  • Sunlight-readable & 180-degree viewing angle.

InnVasLinX applies E lnk e-Paper display technology to come up a series of products, contains as below


7.3inch 4-color E-sign
  1. Ultra-slim countertop design suits all environments in where it places. Beyond tradition, InnVasLinX E-sign provides 4 colors for more display flexibility and possibility. With the thoughtful software wizard, e-sign assistant mobile app., E-sign facilitates the display content update quickly and simply. Dry battery design makes the battery change easier and free of the boundary from international transportation and Security Check.
  2. Also, the pen slot design isn’t for esthetic but also a considerate feature for temporary pen stowing use.

25.3inch E-Signage
  1. 3200 x 1800 pixel
  2. B/W/R/Y 4 colors
  3. >60k colors (ACeP)
  4. Powerful Processor
  5. Power by 1.3 GHz quad core A35 processor and 2GB DDR3 RAM.
  6. Open Frame Design
  7. Open frame design supports custom ID design.
  8. Battery Capacity
  9. 18650 Li-batteries X 4pcs


28inch E-Signage
  1. 3840 x 1080 pixel
  2. Color
  3. Advanced Color ePaper(ACeP)
  4. ACEP is a high quality, full color reflective display, the ink can produce full color at every pixel, without the use of a color filter array (CFA).
  5. Powerful Processor
  6. Power by 1.8GHZ quad core A35 processor and 2GB DDR3 RAM.
  7. Removable Battery
  8. Optional rechargeable battery, and no wiring required for easy installation on the wall.