Press release from InnoLux for one of big events in Japan together with InnVasLinx.. check it out!
  2. Participation in Japan Marketing Week 2023 to Showcase the Ultimate Marketing Tool for Promoting Smart Cities and Sustainable New Values
  4. Innolux Corporation, InnVasLinX Inc. and Nagase Taiwan will be jointly participating in Japan Marketing Week 2023 from April 5 to April 7 with "More than Panel" as their exhibition theme for showcasing a range of display technologies that empower on-site marketing and offer solutions for smart cities and a sustainable lifestyle.  The technologies will also take a vital role in the display market for large-scale events such as outdoor events, sports competitions and exhibitions as well as transportation information display systems following the lifting of pandemic restrictions.
  6. James Yang, President of Innolux, said, "The display industry relies on the integrated development of smart connectivity, system integration, and a convenient lifestyle for realizing sustainable values.  As integral parts of Innolux's 3Vs business strategy (Create Value, Drive Value, Share Value), 'Drive Value' means that we adopt a forward-looking perspective and strive to achieve cross-domain collaborative innovation to diversify product application scenarios, thus amassing the transformative power for displays that are 'More than Panel'.  Meanwhile, 'Share Value' represents our efforts to undertake sustainable green actions and achieve social co-prosperity by offering low-power outdoor displays and electronic paper solutions, thus realizing the sustainable development of smart cities."
  8. Bar-type displays and the world's first flexible full-color electronic paper redefine the value of environmentally-sustainable outdoor displays
      Innolux's 28" flexible substrate full-color electronic paper module is the world's first of its kind, with high contrast and high readability.  Lightweight, low-power, green and sustainable, it can be applied widely in a diverse range of scenarios such as advertising columns, outdoor engineering devices and outdoor charging piles.  Other applications include information display systems for Industry 4.0 logistics and warehousing as well as amusement and entertainment.  As sustainable, smart cities become increasingly widespread, electronic paper displays will gradually replace print ads in all fields of application, including retail and public transport.  Bar-type LCD displays (stretched LCD displays) are displays that transcend conventional 16:9 or 4:3 display ratios and can be custom-made to fulfill the practical ratio requirements of a wide variety of panel designs.  They can serve for fields such as smart electronic displays, industrial control, medical care, aerospace and national defense, delivering more information than conventional LED panels or news tickers, better color contrast and higher definition as well as a greater numbers of images and animations.  These displays can also be used in smart retail in places such as product racks, price sign boards and advertising panels, fully exerting their value as paperless, environmentally-friendly green products.
  10. Re-innovation of high-value products stimulates new and diverse on-site applications including outdoor events, medicine, and entertainment
      The new 65" outdoor display far exceeds the capabilities of average monitors and has thus become the premium choice for outdoor, large-scale 4K television displays. Innolux now has a new product that offers 4K UHD ultra-high definition, increased readability under direct sunlight, an extreme temperature protection system and IP55 comprehensive protection from rain, snow, ice and dust interference.  On the other hand, the 21.5" all-in-one display with a thickness of just 49.9mm features an anti-bacterial design that makes it perfectly-suited to a wide range of applications including medical care, factory automated control, vending machines, public infotainment systems, retail, transportation and much more.  IEC/EN 60601-1, CE Mark Class B and FCC Class B compliant, the product is low-noise, anti-bacterial and dust-resistant with the advantages of high safety and stability, making it the premium choice for medical applications that often require custom modification and design. Last but not the least, the 28" Kirameki display features an all-new algorithm and unique FPD technology that realistically portray the high gloss of object surfaces, presenting viewers with images of rich color and detailed texture even under bright environments.  As such, it is the perfect tool in advertising, gaming and digital galleries where image texture is vital to sales numbers as digital consumption and entertainment becomes increasingly prevalent.
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