Display / Touch Monitor
  1. The are good human-machine interface intuitive technology that combines operation and image display revolutionized the traditional way of interaction.
  2. The development of touch screen technology has become mainstream for consumer, retail and hospitality, automotive, industrial, and medical device interfaces.
  2. Touch Terminal 
  3. The specially designed motherboard integrates the CPU, memory, storage into the LCD touch monitor, with a true-flat and great IP rating design, making it a simple and neat solution that combines the motherboard and the screen into one.
  4. Modern control panel technology combines with high-performance PC technology.
  5. Ultra-slim look plus a contemporary ID design and no ventilation hole design, with premium materials, applied to comprise the case, metal, and plastic, the sexy look is the result for chasing for the extreme of esthetics.
  2. Panel PC
  3. Equipped with VESA mount, stand, and side-bracket as the optional mounting solution, and InnVasLinX open-frame industrial panel PC series with multiple touch panel sizes, various platform and rich I/O port design, excel in harsh and demanding environments while adopts to wireless communication capabilities, making it an ideal open-frame PC for various types of industrial and commercial applications, such as self-service kiosks, interactive signage, and HMI terminals.

Built for stable and high-quality streaming experience, services for real-time audio and video communications.InnVasLinX's Interactive Whiteboard provides interactive live video streaming, whiteboard collaboration, file & screen sharing.

It can either be a standalone touchscreen computer used independently to perform tasks and operations, or a connectable apparatus used as a touchpad to control computers from a projector. They are used in a variety of settings, including classrooms at all levels of education, corporate board rooms, and workgroups, training rooms for professional sports coaching, broadcasting studios, and others.