(Photos Courtesy of Innolux Corp)
Digital Transformation, Technology Cosmeceutical!

InnVasLinX the first time, has stepped into the smart cosmeceutical.
  2. Sept.5, 2022
  4. Innolux has been actively deploying smart retail for a period, now joining hands with Japan Medical Co., Ltd., the largest Japanese drugstore chain in Taiwan, to build a 5G and AIoT drugstore technology store.
  6. InnVasLinX is honored to be part of this milestone and support Innolux build a large-scale color e-paper signage this time with a 28-inch ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) total-reflective color e-paper display, as the first time to enter the smart drugstore chain.
  8. The display content is updated once a day, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 297 kilograms per year. After being introduced into Japan Medical, it can replace traditional printing paper and level up as the best scenario of the ESG demonstration field.
  10. E-paper display is a reflective bistable display technology focused on imitating the visual look and feel of printing and writing on paper. Unlike LCD or other display technologies, e-paper displays offer lower power consumption, long battery life, no eye damage, less radiation, and low carbon emissions.
  12. Step into the Nanjing West Road Main Store of Japan Medical, which has been covered with hundreds of display screens. A.I. image recognition and voice/touch feedback guide consumers to choose suitable health care medicines.
  14. Artificial intelligence creates physical and virtual shopping malls for shopping guides. The consumer experience is entirely upgraded now!