InnVasLinX ePaper Displays Introduces Smart Education and Recreation Solutions at Red Barn Factory & Tours.
  1. With the rise of ESG awareness and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, InnVasLinX is proactively promoting energy-saving, carbon-reducing, and low-power consumption color ePaper displays. With SDIA's assistance, we've branched out the realm of smart entertainment applications for the first time. We are honored to collaborate with display technology manufacturers, PanelSemi and GU IDEA, resulting in a showcase of our achievements in smart entertainment solutions at the Red Barn Factory & Tours.
  2. Red Barn Factory & Tours is a tourist factory established by Greenmax in Zuoying, Kaohsiung. It introduced the AM Mini LED Flexible Display for the first time, combining energy-saving ePaper displays and Somatosensory Interactive Design, creating new business opportunities for smart entertainment in tourism factories.
  4. InnVasLinX introduces 25.3-inch and 28-inch color electronic displays to replace traditional printed posters, avoiding the labor and material costs of cutting down trees and printing posters, thus reducing resource consumption. Through the wireless network, real-time updates and the flexibility to change layout information freely are used as information boards to guide tourists during their visits and activities, contributing to environmentally friendly and sustainable development while actively promoting the development of energy-saving and smart cities.

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